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Image of Race


The debut album from THE TRACIE HUNTER BAND - RACE, is an achievement beyond what is a dream for a many more established band of today's rock and roller's.

If you don't follow... Then once this little GEM OF ROCK has landed in your hand's, before you play it take a moment to browse the back inlay card. In it you will find the name's that carve out THE TRACIE HUNTER BAND.

Still following... Well now you know who the band are. Who sings, who play's, who wrote, who recorded, who mixed and who produced what. And that's what your getting with THE TRACIE HUNETR BAND - you get THE TRACIE HUNTER BAND.

So now all you have to do is turn it up and you've got RACE, the self produced first album from a band that know how to write, play and sing (i'm sure there was some dancing too), some of the best songs ever to be collected on a first album.
So if you still follow... brand new music and want to be apart of it, get RACE and be apart of a band that is TRACIE HUNTER. And follow for yourself.

I gave it five rock stars. It was easy.

- Brian Bick