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Screaming Superego

Image of Screaming Superego


There's a curious tainted glow to Screaming Superego; a first hearing finds it relatively easy listening, yet consecutive plays intriguingly unveil Tracie's tangled web of emotions.

Some of the lyrics are almost a peek into what could be randomly scrawled diary entries, which ultimately give this collection of heart (and mind!) felt songs their foundation.

A brave and subtle production, too, allowing Tracie's creamy and emotive vocals to swirl to the fore. Highlights are the sultry yet unhinged 'Broken', and the mysterious and indecisive 'Save Me' where our Trace mindfucks with, "...need for you to leave so I know that I need you". Priceless.

Like a jar of honey with a tiny sliver of broken glass lurking somewhere in its contents, Screaming Superego slides down well, but you better be paying close attention. Mmm. Ouch.

- Ray Zell, Kerrang